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The Bharani Festival


The Kodungalloor Bharani, or Bharani festival, takes place in the Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple in Kodungalloor and is well-known throughout Kerala. An annual celebration called Kodungallur Bharani honours the goddess Bhadrakali and takes place in the Kodungallur Kurumba Bhagavathy temple. Religious festival ,rituals, cousins processions extra re-energize the devotes that sometimes make them forget about themselves. Extremely Bharani festival is the important festival in northern Kerala. People await these festivities with bated breath each year.

Strengthen with faith

Strengthen with faith : A young devote with a symbolic chopper adorned with bells

Lost in prayer

Lost in prayer : Dedicated women pray to their god in the hopes of having their wishes granted.

This sword reenergize there faith

This sword reenergize there faith : A screaming old lady escorted by a male devote

Self inflicted injuries

Self inflicted injuries : The devotes don’t feel the pain or agony when they reach the peak of devotion

Confused,yet dedicated

Confused,yet dedicated : It seems to be her first time to attend such a sensational festival

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