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” Wild & dangerous creatures ever “

African Mighty Conquerer : A male Lion crossing its way in Masai Mara

The most powerful and dangerous kind of animals in the Wildlife are “The Big Cats ” . in general these big cats represents some qualities that reflect in human life such as Royalty and pride and some special features such as speed , bravery , courage and more .

The way that each of these animals hunts has evolved over time, with lions roaring loudly to announce their intentions to hunt and tigers backing off and hiding in bushes .To keep out scavengers like hyenas, foxes, and others, leopards hunt and carry their prey up a tree . Where as Cheetah chases its prey with maximum speed and power . The cat family is the most ferocious and the dangerous of the Carnivores in the wild life history and these animals symbolize the power , speed , royalty and courage .

Big Cat Family

Every animal of the big cat family has its own uniqueness such as the body patterns , stripes, facial hairs and more . Male Lions have the facial hair which represents the royalty . More tigers can be found in India and other Asian countries .And also they are revered as symbols of national pride. Because no two Tigers have the same stripes or patterns, they serve as a symbol of the animal’s individuality . Leopard is one of the most powerful & dangerous creatures in the big cats . Leopards mostly rest on the branches of the trees . They are very rare to see when compared to other animals of Cat family. Cheetahs are said to be the fastest land animals, and they are more frequently found in Africa. Cheetahs hunt their prey by pursuing it as quickly as possible.


Belligerent Sight : The casual and powerful look of a Lioness

Courageous of its Kind : Tiger depicts bravery and courage

High-Speed Hunters : Cheetahs enjoying their meal after a hunt

Threatening Gaze : Ferocious African Cheetah with a valiant look

Love Mood : Cheetahs showering their love on each other


Death-Defying : African Leopard wandering in his territory

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