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The Click by Abhishek Biswas


The portfolio “The Click” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Portrait, Landscape, Architecture, Macro, Abstract, Art & Culture, Sports, Product, and Fashion. These have been expressed through various major forms. Such as photo story, photo article, photo experience, etc. This book is about strike a pose. Where naturally or artificially everything is getting posed. The highlight of this book is macro photography. Which emphasizes one of the historical species i.e, spiders. And they are the only arachnids that have special glands in their abdomen which produce silk. Although few spiders are kept as pets. But, some are dangerous to human beings.

Through this portfolio, the viewers can witness the paragliding. One of the adventurous sport of flying. Other than that, one can seek the illustrated walls art. As illustration is an interpretation or visual explanation of so-called abstract photography. Later, there will be a short journey with air binders. Because India has the maximum number of species of birds compared to other countries. And some of which come every year by migration. Hence, the traditional concept of natural things exists.

Abhishek Biswas, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Abhishek Biswas hails from Bhopal, MP. He is very much into Macro photography, mainly insects. Meanwhile, he also has some love for birds, people, and culture photography. He doesn’t only like to photograph. But, at the same time, he shows a keen interest in learning about them. So, in the light, he completed his portfolio “The Click”. In his words, he loves to travel to any corner of the world to explore the insect’s world. He has completed his professional Diploma in Art of Photography from the Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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