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These images that I present to you are mostly taken at Thattekad bird sanctuary. The Thattekad bird sanctuary has a rich and varied birdlife. Huge number of species of birds are there, both forest birds as well as the water birds.


The beautiful creature with the brightest colours : Yellow Kingfisher sitting on the tree branch for showing how beautiful it is.

The peaceful song of birds and the quiet danger

In the magical world of nature, birds sing beautiful melodies that sound like a symphony created by the unique instrument called the Syrinx. There is, however, a disturbing truth that the unity is fading and that we are to blame. Who did it? Our constant use of mobile phones is a quiet threat that is throwing off the delicate balance of the bird world.


Little sparow : The beautiful bird and sweet voice is adding more attraction.


Naughty lunch : The humming bird is eating fruits in a hanging position.

A Sound of Memories: Birdsong from the Past

The early morning was filled with a chorus of sweet melodies that made me think of my younger days, which was only 10 to 15 years ago. A lively morning orchestra was made up of birds of many different kinds. Unfortunately, the air is much quieter today because our mobile phones are constantly shining their bright lights into it, blocking out the birds’ beautiful songs.

The Purposeful Melody: Why Do Birds Possibly Sing?

Beyond just making music, this bird’s song has a deeper meaning. Birds don’t just sing for fun; they do it to protect themselves and to impress their siblings. As a way to interact with humans and stay safe from predators, they do this musical practice every day.


Mingle with the water colour : The colour of glorious bird is merged with the lake water.


White breasted kingfisher : The master of fishing.

Branches as Stages: A Musical Villa

Imagine that each tree is a stage for a male bird, and they are all singing different songs to get your attention. Every day, this is nature’s own show, a symphony of joy. Although the tune happens by chance, it’s actually a reflection of the bird’s mood, which comes through in the tone and flow of their song.


Good singer : Bird is singing with the sweet voice.


Couple birds : The love birds are watching something together.

The Lung Capacity Marvel: The Strong Voices of Birds

Despite having small bodies, birds have very large lungs that allow them to play long songs without having to take frequent breaths. This is one thing that makes singing birds stand out, and it makes them truly special gifts from God. Their beautiful sounds make the world a more beautiful place, and they are always there, in good times and bad.


Hope for a new morning : The fresh morning in Thattekad


Dominator : The eagle is dominating the forest.

A Call for Respect: Treating All Living Things with Kindness

As people who enjoy this musical gift, it is our duty to know and appreciate the important role birds play in our environment. Their selfless song, which they do without expecting anything in return, makes us remember to value and care for all living things. In a world full of loud technology, let’s take a moment to enjoy and protect the beautiful music that birds sing to us every day.


Summer days : The bird is sitting on the tree during the summer time.


Dimcoloured bird : The black bird is seeing the canves world.


Meal Time : He wants to be very alert to the predators.


Society of the wings : Different species talking to each other.


Walking : The bird is exploring on its yellow feet.

In conclusion, the loss of bird songs is a powerful warning that we need to do more to protect nature’s beauty from the bad effects of modern life. It’s time to love and care for the soft sounds that surround us and make sure that the music of birds will continue to charm future generations.


The warm period : The twin shaded bird looking for water.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mayank Tyagi, Muzaffarnagar, U P Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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