The Flow of Life by Ahamed Shaheen. S


We are living in a world where things have separations. Thing’s around us are divided into having two sides. And these separations balance the flow of life. Some of these separations give us wonders and thoughts while some of these separations are not even cared for by us. A coin is balanced by its two sides. This simple formula also applies to our whole world. Even though every action has its opposite side, and either of these sides is not considered to be complete without the other.

The idea of this portfolio is inspired by light and dark. The thought of why this idea of light and dark exist here leads me to the conclusion of balancing by separating. Therefore, I related the thought of a coin and light and dark together and considered light and dark as two sides of a coin. And by that, I realized that everything around us can be related to this. Similarly, day and night, men and women, happy and sad, birth and death like this everything around us is separated.

By this portfolio, I am showing the depth of separations around us and how it is balancing the flow of our life. Hence, Nature Photography, Street and Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, each of these genres of photography convey the separations or extreme differences that exist in the world. Despite these separations, they together make the process complete.

Ahamed Shaheen S, Trivandrum, Kerala

Ahamed Shaheen is from Kerala, India. He has an interest in automotive photography and cinematography. Apart from that, he is in product photography and food photography. He has graduated with a bachelor of business administration which strengthens his marketing skills. Similarly, he has started photography as a passion and then converted his passion into a profession. He is interested to create contents to share his thoughts and views. He finds it easy to make his portfolio “The Flow of Life” because of passion. By the same token, he always ensures that he was providing the right quality in his works. Therein, he has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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