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The Freedom Hunters


Investigating the Bird World with Photography

Birds are the embodiment of unrestricted freedom in the world of Mother Earth. They fly across the heavens, free and boundless, representing the very spirit of liberty. For ardent photographers and environment lovers, the bird world presents a varied and engaging spectacle with a range of sizes, flight skills, and habitats.


Javan Myna : Rest in the evening

Embracing Bird Photography’s Soul

I recently completed an assignment about birds that took me on an amazing trip to Nattakom in Kottayam, Kerala. With its expansive paddy fields and backwaters, the setting was perfect for photographing these fascinating animals in their native environment.

Many different bird species appeared as I entered this gorgeous location with my camera and telescopic lens. This place’s abundance, which draws a lot of migratory birds, revealed an amazing variety of bird life, all of which add to the landscape’s colorful tapestry.


Cattle Myna : Tailed Drongo

Discovering the Wonders of Nature in Ullala, Vaikom

I came to Ullala, Vaikom, on my quest to photograph the bird world. Here, among huge fields of paddy and canals of water, was a hive of bee-eaters and other bird species that fed on flies and bees. I wish I had more time, but even with the limited time I had, I was able to photograph a few amazing types of birds.


Lesser Racket : Tailed Drongo

An Illustrated Tour of Thakazhi, Alappuzha

When I traveled to Thakazhi, which is close to Kuttanad in Alappuzha, I was welcomed by the lushness of the rice fields and the existence of artificial fish ponds. A remarkable number of birds visited this unusual habitat, particularly those that were hunting above the water’s surface. The gorgeous foliage provided a breathtaking backdrop for capturing the spirit of these birds, even with time limits.

Yellow Oriole : Takazhi, Kerala,India

Puri, Odisha: A Refuge for Diverse Bird Life

In a final excursion, my camera recorded Puri, Odisha’s charms, especially the charming Chilika Lake. A variety of bird species, including aquatic and migrating birds, found refuge in this area. I will never forget the weird feeling of traveling across the lake in a boat while taking in the beauty of the surrounding scenery and the magnificence of the birds.


Fulvous Whistling Duck : Puri, Odisha, India

Taking Up a New Interest

I was not at all interested in bird photography before these trips, which changed my mind. The attraction of photographing these fascinating animals in their native environments sparked a newfound enthusiasm in me.


Sky Rulers : Birds are the first living things to rule the sky


Glances : Looking for food


Vibrant feathers : Bee eaters have vivacious feathers

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Govind Raj , Ernakulam ,  Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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