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The Gaze


Delve into Kolkata’s spirit through “The Gaze”, where each portrait tells stories capturing emotions with the powerful language of stares.

View “The Gaze,” a Kolkata portrait photography series that attempts to capture the many gazes of the city’s residents. It captures a sense of the fascinating world. Every picture conveys a different tale. From the sad searches of old people at Mullick Ghat market to the focused stares of young people in charge of tea stores in Howrah Bridge market. Discover the city’s soul with these enthralling Kolkata portraits. Each glance reveals a story about the spirit of the city.

an old man wearing a pink fur cap

Quiet quest  Eyes tell stories of longing.

An old guy wearing a pink fur cap with a quiet quest written over his eyes. This picture is from the centre of Kolkata’s Mullick Ghat market. His eyes, which are a window into Kolkata’s soul, convey tales of longing. The picture captures moments where each look bears the weight of unspoken tales.

An old man with long beard staring

Intense  Aged eyes, a lifetime’s journey.

Amidst the colourful sounds of Kolkata market, a photo of a respected old man with a flowing white beard and kufi turban. The photo captures the intensity of the gaze and sheds light on the many stories from Kolkata.

a small boy in a tea shop

Tea Tycoon  Tiny tea master in making.

The vibrant youth comes to life through the lens, capturing a young boy overseeing a tea shop. His expression, which combines resolve, innocence, and a hint of a smile, captures the spirit of Kolkata. The image perfectly portrays the essence of the city and the potential of an aspiring tea tycoon.

an old man with a black cap

Sunlit Serenity Sun-kissed stories on wrinkled canvas.

In the bustling Howrah Bridge market of Kolkata, a serene moment of old man smiling warmly. The evening sunlight gracefully highlights his face, adding golden warmth to the wrinkles that tell stories of a lifetime. This street portrait captures the essence of Kolkata in Golden hour.

An array of stories written in every stare and gaze seen in Street portraits of Kolkata is revealed through “The Gaze”. Each picture portrays Kolkata, from serene senior people to energetic young people. The energy of Kolkata’s streets, spirit are blended together. The melancholic looks captured in street portraits from Mullick Ghat to Howrah Bridge and different Kolkata markets make an interesting scene for photographic storytelling.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Architha B and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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