The journey of an Immortal performing art.

Bharatanatyam is the most important traditional dance form in India. Its roots can be found in the southern part of the country. In 1910, the Colonial British government tried to stop this beautiful art form, but passionate protests from the Indian community brought it back to life in the 20th century. It used to only move inside temples, but now, in the 21st century, its beautiful movements can be seen by everyone.


The Immortal position : The dancer is getting ready for dance.


Hand gestures : The dancer is making positions through hands.

The Roots in History

In ancient times, Bharatanatyam was a popular way for kings to relax and have fun. Its beauty and simplicity captured the kings. Over the years, it has grown beyond royal circles, drawing respect from people all over the world.


Humour and happiness : The mood of the dancer is good.


Heated : The dancer is in an angry position.

The Strange Dance

Bharatanatyam is beautiful because of how dynamic and magical the moves are that make the dance even more beautiful. The dancers are very well trained and can do complex hand movements, precise footwork, and emotional facial expressions with comfort, making each performance appealing.


Peaceful : The position of Rest.

From regional tradition to global interest

Bharatanatyam has a lot of fans all over the world, not just in southern India where it originated. These days, more and more people from outside of India are interested in the art form and travel there to learn about its rich customs and culture. These dance fans not only learn the dance but also perform it with amazing skill, making it fit right in with India’s culture.


Helpless : The position is showing a lady without help.

A Journey Through Bharatanatyam by a Foreigner

An interesting picture sequence story is told through the eyes of a foreigner who is learning Bharatanatyam. It shows how different cultures can come together when someone from outside of India adopts this art form and adds to the dance’s history.


Full of activity : The dancer is busy in the situation.


The outlook of dancer : The position of the attitude.

As a result, Bharatanatyam, which is an important part of Indian culture, has grown from a local gem to a worldwide attraction. Its ability to go beyond time, custom, and borders resonates with the harmony of diversity. This adds to its history and leaves the world with its enchanting beauty.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mayank Tyagi, Muzaffarnagar, U P Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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