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The Grand flow of colors


The Art of Macro Photography: Seeing the Unseen

When we hear the word ‘Macro Photography,’ our thoughts frequently conjure up visions of gigantic insects or microscopic items brought to life in breathtaking detail. However, there is a universe of visual delight that remains mostly untapped in the area of macro photography. In this post, we’ll explore the intriguing world of macro photography and learn how to capture the unseen beauty that surrounds us.


Celebration of Hues : Life is a celebration of colors

Macro photography is more than just photographing insects

Macro photography, a transcendent art form, is frequently misinterpreted as being limited to capturing enlarged photos of insects. However, in this research, we hope to dispel this myth and delve into the world of optical illusions formed through the lens of macro photography – a less recognizable but equally interesting domain. The unnoticed beauty that surrounds us.


Into the Hue Lagoon : Living in color

A Colorful Spectrum on Life’s Canvas

Life is a wide canvas on which we, as individuals, hold the brush to create our own unique masterpieces. Some people’s lives are a colorful tapestry of hues, while others go through darker, more cryptic hues. In this thought, we question why life, which is intrinsically beautiful, appears so complicated. Why do the brilliant hues of living seem to fade, leaving us to ponder our path? Perhaps the explanation resides in our proclivity to complicate even the most insignificant situations.


Rainbow : Be a rainbow in someone’s life

Conditioning Weight Reduction

We are influenced by a variety of events and external factors throughout our lives, beginning with our formative years. Many of us are still caught up in these early conditionings, blind to the genuine substance of life. We continue to conform to preset conventions, limiting our knowledge of what life genuinely has to offer.


Waves of joy : Ocean waves of color

Life Is a Delicate Bubble of Opportunities

Life is like a delicate soap bubble, ready to break at any time. However, if we look closely before it disappears, we will see a stunning display of colors and intricate shapes. The idea is to seize the moment and appreciate its ephemeral beauty.


The sphere of colors : Life is a pursuit of happiness

Accepting Life’s Kaleidoscope

We must simplify life in order to genuinely enjoy it. We should enjoy its many hues and vibrancy before the inevitable eruption. Our existence is like the weather: after a storm, the clouds clear and a rainbow appears. Similarly, in our life, we must wait patiently for colorful moments to develop.


Dream in colors : Listen to the color of your dream

In the middle of life’s hustle and bustle, nurturing love

Let us not forget to love one another in the midst of our daily activities. We may turn the world into a beautiful garden brimming with the blossoms of unity and harmony by performing acts of kindness and compassion.


A walk in the hue of rain : Keep looking there may be a rainbow waiting for you

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Vishnu Vijaykumar, Trivandrum, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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