The Hazy Mountains


Mountains occur at the beginning and end of the natural landscape. When you look deeply into nature, you can find mist, calmness, tranquility, a peaceful and noiseless environment, and so much more.

The natural world has a significant influence on our lives. The goal of nature photography is to show people all over the world the beauty of our most beautiful natural environments, such as national parks and nature reserves, as well as the animals that live there.

Nature photography

Nature photography is all about respecting wildlife, the law, the environment, and fellow photographers; as long as they follow the rules, they will be able to obtain their images without incident. Landscape photography is the art of photographing nature and the outdoors in a way that immerses the viewer in the scene. The best photos, from grand landscapes to intimate details, show the photographer’s connection to nature and capture the essence of the world around them.

wildlifephotography naturephotography landscapephotogaphy nature

Deep into nature : The early morning boat safari at Thekkady.

naturephotography wildlife nature landscapephotogaphy

The golden marshland : The nature has an extreme beauty, to see that majesty you have to explore.

Nature is stunning in its own right. It provides us with a wide range of experiences, including wildlife, lakes, rivers, trees, and mountains and also it’s an essential component of any trip. Mountains are always hypnotic to watch as a hypnotic vision. There are always places in the mountains that steal your heart. The mountains always lead us to the companion we seek. When I look at pictures of mountains and everything they hold, I wonder about the layers of hills that go all the way back to the mountains that never end. The way you look at the mountains will make you realise how insignificant you are in comparison to everything.

landscapephotogaphy naturephotography wildlife nature

Faded mountains : A sizzling blue mountain embracing the rays of sun at Munnar.

landscapephotogaphy naturephotography nature

First light of day : The fresh light of a dawn makes your day.


Mountains come in a variety of colours and can be found all over the world. Some mountains are completely covered in snow, others are covered in trees, and still others are volcanoes. When the clouds pass over the mountains, they appear hypnotic. The cool breeze from the dark clouds chills the air. While we wait for the sun to rise over the mountains, and when the sun fades behind the mountains, you get a twilight saga vibe. The mountains provide a sense of freedom. We must treat nature with respect. Pollution from human activities is rapidly affecting the Earth’s climate. The Earth always provides enough to meet all of humanity’s needs.


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