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The Land Of Peace – Landscapes


As part of Travel photography, our author here has traveled all the way to West Bengal and made this beautiful photo article of landscapes.

An evening walk through Gosaba landscapes.

Life in a village is like that of a sheep grazing in the vastness of marshy grasslands. If you want to live a hustle and bustle free life, there is one and only one option; that is village life. When we feel the charming panorama of the village, at the same time can enjoy the calm and quiet environment with fresh air. The backwaters enhance village beauty.

Both happiness and sorrow!

It will touch the human mind positively. The beauty of the villages is described by the way villagers live happily in the small huts. Even though they are satisfied with their life, most of the people who live in villages are farmers and lead a simple life. Their life is both happy and sorrowful. Men and women work together for the welfare of their family that makes life similar to that of heaven.

Life of adaptation: On the clay land, they construct small huts for living
The Humble Life: Hard but beautiful
Life of Joy: A happy routine life
Herd of Unity: Forever together with love
Marvel: Green and nourishing life
Life of Calmness: Pure, spiritual, and peaceful
Life of Journey: Get obsessed with one’s potential

While passing through the Gosaba village of Kolkata, I got a chance to witness all those memorable sites. The landscapes behind every scene and the evening mist in December gave another feeling to my story of the village. As a city girl, the way of living in the village was really a wonder.

Having had only one evening to my credit, to explore Gosaba village, a feeling of frustration crept into my mind. I wish if I could live my life there forever.

Punnia Jones, Kozhikode, Kerala

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