The Landing Egret


The sequential shot of great Egret’s landing

Birds can be divided into many categories .One of the main categories of birds is water birds . Water birds mostly like to live near water bodies . Mostly they like to eat fishes and some small animals . Some water birds like to live near fresh waters and some like to live near salt waters . Water bird are naturally good at swimming.

Egrets are one of the largest water birds, which can eat fish , small snakes and some small reptiles . Egrets usually stay near both fresh water and salt water They are most famous for their pure white plumage feathers . Americans popularly used their decorative feathers for fashion products during early 20th century . Natively this familiar bird belongs to Africa . But later they naturally started to comfortably settle where they were migrating . Now they are widely spread all over the world . They usually keep their flexible necks in ‘S’ shape while flying , and that is the main attraction of this word , not only while flying , but also during the time of hunting fish . These birds can land even on the low dense plants in the water easily . Here are few pictures of an Egret landing on a water hyacinth plant .


The perfect landing : Slow and steady movement gives the stable placement

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