The Nomad’s Tales by Vijay Raj MG

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The portfolio “The Nomad’s Tales” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Landscapes, Abstract, Street & Portrait, Documentation, Birds, Art & Culture, Architecture, Macro, Fashion, and Food. This book is all about the way of the nomad lifestyle. Where they embrace freedom and become one with nature. Moreover, this tale comes with the price of giving up comfort and welcoming uncertainty. Every photograph is a story. Though the story may be confusing or even hard to understand. But, there must be something interesting in every photograph. Even though it’s a simple shot.

In this book, one will witness emotions and expressions. As people hide thousands of feelings under one happiest smile. As it is a direct path towards one’s heart. Furthermore, one will encounter with an impeccable illusion. Where human eyes see many things. But unable to sense what it is exactly. Later, one will witness the journey through the unexplored beauty of Sunderbans. And last but not least is food photography. Where one fine photographer cum traveler has an unbalanced diet.

About The Author:

vijay raj m j bangalore karnataka

Imagination can take you to those heights, where none can imagine. Yes in his words, his imagination is what led him up-to here. As he says, Travelling is a Meditation, Photography is the word “OM”. Without chanting the word OM, meditation is incomplete for him. With this in mind, he completed his portfolio ” The Nomad’s Tales”. Exploring & documenting new places, new people, new food, a new culture is what he lives for. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from the Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

Vijay Raj MJ, Bengaluru, Karnataka. India.

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