As part of Travel photography, here are some landscapes captured by our author while he was traveling in Kerala.

How beautiful to hear the sound of water waves hitting the rocks and you are the only people who can hear that. It is like spending some quality time with yourselves in the ultimate tranquility. As it is a balanced state of mind, body, and thoughts towards the path of enlightenment.
Eternal Sunshine: When the light reveals slightest elements of nature
Conclusive Faith: When faith become the source of light
Twilight Reflections: Symmetrical reflections on waterscapes
Medley of Light and Shadows: When light and shadow compliments nature
The Light That Passes By: There is light even in the slightest stagnation
Calm and Beautiful: Where the shy and water meets the ultimate tranquility

Rahul Rao, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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