The Viewfinder by Ramees Rajan


The portfolio “The Viewfinder” is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Macro, Portrait, Abstract, Landscape, Art & Culture, Birds, Architecture, Product, and Fashion. This book is all about the path of light. Both in terms of natural and artificial lights. As the light changes its formations from morning to evening i.e, the sun. Through this portfolio, one can understand the importance of light. Moreover, good photography is a subjective concept. But to get a subjective concept, there has to be the right amount of light in the right place. As Leo Tolstoy once quoted, “The sun we see from any part of the world are all the same and the only difference is in the way we look at it.”

In this book, one will go through the temple of faces. As all belief in God, yet not witnessed it. Regardless of that, devotees go on a journey to have a sight of their favorite god on foot. To present before him and request for his blessings. Moreover, one will witness the best defensive mechanism adopted by the wildlife i.e, camouflage. And the journey continues through art and culture. Here, viewers will witness the phase of transformation in different ways. That are Pacha, Kathi, Taadi, and Minukku. Furthermore, there will be flutter in the winds i.e, birds photography. As birds always fascinate us with their power to be in flight and also in their diversity. Forthwith, the journey ends with the vintage memories of the simple past.

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Ramees Rajan, Kollam, Kerala

ramees rajan kollam kerala

Ramees Rajan is from Kollam, Kerala. An enthusiastic traveler and landscape photographer who always wants to showcase his every work in a very creative way. For this reason, he has accomplished his “The Viewfinder” portfolio. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of Photography from the Creative hut I

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