The Vision of Grace by Sandra V P


We believe that there is grace in everything around us. No matter, whether it’s a living or non-living thing, all the positive outcome is a result of grace. Henceforth, tried to capture in my portfolio “The Vision of Grace”. Photography is a medium to portray grace into a canvas.

For me, photography is the opportunity to bring all such grace in the world in my frames. It also tells you about the present, past & even the future. A photographer needs to be an artist who can capture the various grace of the greatest artist of God.

My book based on the title “The Vision of Grace” is where I have tried to depict grace in different subjects through the images. I have included various categories of Photography that unitedly show how grace is present everywhere.
Apart from capturing light in photography, it is also the creation including ideas of one’s mind. Hence, taking this into consideration, I have added every image in my book with elegance. From the commercial point of view, the appearance and presentation are of great importance. Through my book, one can view the images where although the subjects in it have a different appearance, they have been presented in grace.

I have equally applied the lighting & editing techniques to support my images in terms of my theme. Moreover, the images of food photography, landscape photography, street photography, fashion photography & product photography are few such categories that I have taken as a priority for my theme.

Sandra .V.P, Kannur, Kerala

Photography is what she loves to do the most. She finds herself more energetic and happier in all her photography projects. As a dedicated Photographer, Cinematographer, and Traveler from Kannur, Kerala, her Passion, and interest is in Fashion photography, Travel Photography, and Wedding Photography. For her “Photography is a way of communication with everything and everyone”. Forthwith, finalized her portfolio “The Vision of Grace”. Furthermore, she has completed her Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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