The voice of a culture


Art of sound

Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu employ the cylindrical Chenda to express voice of  cultures.It is also known as Chende in malayalam . Chenda is famous for its rigid sound .Six or seven skin layers provide the Chenda’s left (Edamthala) and right (Valamthala) sides bass.

It might take a long time for tree bark to cure when left in the shade .Wooden rings (chenda vattam) are made from palm and bamboo tree bark .The chenda vattam’s adhesive gum comes from a tree called Panachi maram.

The round object spends all day being boiled in a saucepan. The following phase involves drying it out and reshaping it into a sphere . The central portion of the chenda, which is 1.5 inches thick and 1 foot in circumference . You can tell that a chenda is produced from softwood because of its thick, cushiony body. Again, chenda’s thickness can be cut by 0.25 inches. You can also make a four-inch gap.This is done to maximise the impact of the chenda’s sound .Kerala’s chenda is a type of religious music that is primarily performed at festivals held at Hindu temples.The chenda is generally performed at temples to go along with religious performances like Kathakali, Koodiyattam, and Kannyar Kali .Theyyam and it is also used for some dance programs and rituals in Kerala.

Chenda also appears in Yakshagana, a form of dance theatre prominent in Tulu Nadu, a region of Karnataka. The Chande (Northern) School of Yakshagana is particularly fond of this technique.

kidangoor temple
Kidangoor Temple : The place of art
the sound from the heart
The sound from the heart : The artiste rythmatically place on the chenda
thunderous rythm
Thunderous rhythm : Together in the same Rythm
breaking the silence
Breaking the silence : They drammer is cautiously beating the drum
fully content with performance
Fully content with performance : They drummer is an artist who plates for his happiness
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