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Discover the creation of theyyam in Kannur, Kerala, through immersing stories, respected customs, and stunning pictures of live culture.

Explore the mystical world of Theyyam in Kannur, Kerala’s art and culture. A respected Hindu festivities that is popular in Kerala and some regions of Karnataka. Experience the diversity of North Malabar’s culture, from vibrant apparel to religious ceremonies. My lens produced a series of beautiful pictures that effectively conveyed the holy story of each individual, capturing the essence of Theyyam.

getting ready for holy dance

Religious Transformation A holy face decorated in colors.

artist is getting ready for holy dance

Divine artistry  Crowning moment in cultural transformation.

Begin a visual journey through Theyyam’s evolution into a state of Witness artisans delicately applying holi hues. Intricate crowns, and spiritual designs on the performer’s countenance. A attracting synthesis of artistic creativity and cultural tradition unfolds in vivid splendour.

spiritual make up

Spiritual Emphasis Final touches for divine transformation.

theyyam artist giving blessings

heaven’s blessing  Blessings in colors of holiness.

Look at the Theyyam artist finishing up his spiritual preparations in the first picture so that he can perform the divine dance. The second depicts a divine figure granting blessings.He wears red lines, an orange face mask, and captivating black mascara eyes, showcasing a valuable performance in Theyyam, captured in Kannur, Kerala.

artist devoted with god

God’s Eye Supernatural self in mirror.

spiritual coconut breaking

Coconut Ritual Expressions unfold in coconut display.

Witness the wonderful transformation of a devoted soul wearing the holy Theyyam clothes. Gazing into the mirror, and transforming into divine form. Behold the attractive performance of coconut smashing and a tapestry of emotive expressions as captured through my lens in cultural photography.

crowed dance

Sacred Look  Youngsters dance while a theyyam artist attracts.

theyyam artist playing with children's

Appealing devotion Unplanned respect: hands together, devotion.

Young people are moved by religious fervour in the blessed atmosphere as the Theyyam artist mesmerises and inspires all. Hands come together in homage, expressing profound respect for the divine performance in the hallowed environment. Where hearts are moved by the close ties to history and the spiritual essence of the present.

Move into the enchanting world of Theyyam, a revered Hindu tradition celebrated in Kasargod and Kannur, Kerala. Get yourself in North Malabar’s rich culture, where vibrant clothes meet holy ceremonies. A mesmerising series of photographs unfolds through my lens. With each frame intricately narrating people’s divine stories and capturing the essence and splendour of Theyyam.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Pavan Emmadi  and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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