We delve into the fascinating world of wedding photography in the “Thinking” chapter of the book “Perspective,” where the bride and groom find themselves at a turning point of priorities and desires. In this chapter, we examine each of their unique viewpoints as they consider their aspirations: the bride considers choosing marriage over a job, while the groom muses over whether to marry or pursue his dreams.

Life’s Crossroads :- One of the biggest decisions is to choose between “Career Or Marriage”

This chapter encapsulates the bride and groom’s conflicting feelings and thoughts as they travel on their own paths. The Groom’s Perspective reflects as he compares the possibility of marriage to his desire to pursue his goals. The images reveal his introspection, highlighting his drive for success and the internal conflict he feels in balancing his goals with his desire to start a family.

Tactful:- When a person is thoughtful to select either a  “Career Or Marriage”

The perspective of the bride reflects her deep thoughts as she mulls over whether to pursue a job or marriage. Her inner thoughts, aspirations, and quiet periods are shown in the photographs. Thinking is a process, which is reflected and represented visually here throughout the chapter by the juxtaposition of the bride and groom’s respective reflections.

Bride’s Reflection:-: It is a visionary glimpse that reveals the unfolding of her future

In this chapter “Thinking”, photographs here depict the thoughtful perspective of both bride and groom as they battle with their goals and priorities. It is all about portraying the depth of the feelings and the thoughts one tries to balance between love and self fulfilment.

Groom’s Delight:-  Man in a fascinating peek into who he will become tomorrow

“Thinking” here reminds about the initial step, a life changing decision that one needs to take before getting into the relationship.

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