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Time Worn


Time worn captures the strength and wisdom of Kolkata’s older people and rich cultural legacy spirits through moving portrait photography

“Time Worn” gives a look into the life of old peoples in Kolkata, through portrait photography. The series, which was mainly shot in the Mullick Ghat market under the famous Howrah Bridge Kolkata. It conveys the ageless spirit of the old souls in Kolkata. With an allusion to long-standing religious customs, every image adds depth to the story of persistence, wisdom, and the vanishing traditions that form Kolkata’s cultural thread.

man looking with a soft smile

Eyes of Joy Golden turban, eyes radiate Joy.

man with orange tilak

Spiritual Symbol Kolkata’s adorned holy spiritual symbol.

An older guy’s calm smile and focused gaze in “Eyes of Joy” tell volumes, and a faithful man wearing traditional symbols in “Spiritual Symbol” shows the spiritual essence of Kolkata. These photos reflect the rich legacy and spiritual vitality of Kolkata, honoring the holy elders in the city.

Oldman walking with swag

Silver Swag Bearded sage walks with style.

a sage looking with his divine face

Divine Royalty Royal presence of divine sage.

In “Silver Swag,” an old man embodies urban cool as he confidently walks with his well-groomed beard and sunglasses for a dash of modern style. In contrast to this contemporary style, “Divine Royalty” depicts the calm demeanor of sages in Kolkata. His eyes full of insight and inner peace, dressed in traditional garb among the Mullick Ghat flower market. These photographs, which resonate with the spiritual soul of Howrah city 

Oldman looking with fearless eyes

Eyes of Time Aged vision, Kolkata’s timeless story.

old man cover himself with blanket

Mullick Ghat Mushtache Man wrapped in vibrant comfort.

“Eyes of Time” captures the aged gaze of a man, signifying not just the passing of time but also a lifetime of hardships and tragedies. His eyes convey courage and a strong bond with the city’s past. On the other hand, ” Mullick Ghatt Mushtache” conveys a feeling of comfort and consolation among hardship. The figure, wrapped in a colorful blanket, radiates a calm energy, embodying the community’s ability to find happiness and comfort.

As an ode to the spirit and rich cultural legacy of Kolkata’s older souls, “Time worn” concludes. This collection of  Portrait photography in India shows the tenacity, insight, and ageless tales of people. They who have persevered over the years amidst the busy streets and lively marketplace. Every picture is a moving reminder of the priceless contributions Elder people in Kolkata have contributed to the colorful fabric of the city’s existence. “Time worn” is a tribute to Kolkata Portrait Photography

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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