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Tiny Marvellous


Discover the enchanting beauty in “Tiny Marvellous” a World of Macro Wonder with details through stunning photography of a miniature universe.

Macro-insect photographers use technical skills and creative insight to capture the beauty of insects, showcasing their intricate textures and vibrant colors. Their work promotes conservation, highlighting their role in pollination, decomposition, and ecological harmony. It fosters a deep connection between people and the insect kingdom, fostering appreciation for its delicate balance.

jumping spider-Akash v Nair-alappuzha-creativehut

Jumping Spider : Vibrant arachnid waits, poised for action.

Plexippus paykulli, referred to as the Pantropical Jumping Spider, is native to Southeast Asia but thrives everywhere. It is most commonly seen around buildings in this country, where it focuses on insects drawn to artificial lights. To capture the spirit of this current spider, I took on the story of exactly macro photography in the peaceful early mornings, a difficult but satisfying task. The flexibility movement of the spider lent dimension to the compelling shot, resulting in a special. photographic activity.

Lovely Ladybugs-Akash V Nair-alappuzha-crativehut

Lovely Ladybugs : Gathering at dawn, nature’s polka-dotted congregati

Ladybugs, also known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles, encompass around 5,000 diverse species globally. Among these, the iconic seven-spotted ladybug is most recognizable in North America. These beloved insects, often seen as symbols of good luck, undergo a life cycle beginning with mating. During this process, males grip females from behind, copulating for extended periods. Female ladybugs can store sperm for months before laying eggs, typically choosing locations with abundant food sources. My dedicated mission aimed to capture the enchanting morning congregation of ladybugs through challenging macro photography, further celebrating their fascinating natural behaviour.

Emerald Bug-Akash V Nair-alappuzha-creativehut (2)

Emerald Bug : Vibrant green jewel bug in lush garden habitat.

 The Kanch Poka, commonly found in rural Bengal’s monsoon bushes, is the vibrant Green Jewel Bug (Chrysocoris stolli) of the Scutelleridae family. It is also known as the Lychee Shield Bug in India. Distinguished by its shield-like scutellum covering the abdomen and wings, it’s a plant-sucking insect with continuous shield protection.I committed myself to capturing this magnificent bug using detailed macro photography in the early morning among vibrant yellow flowers, embracing the difficult low light conditions to highlight nature’s masterpiece in all its splendour.

Youthful Hopper-Akash V Nair-alappuzha-creativehut

Youthful Hopper : Tiny grasshopper nymph explores its green world

Omocestus viridulus, commonly found in moist European regions, thrives in the UK and stretches east to Siberia and Mongolia. Its favoured habitats include tall grass areas. My mission was to capture the dynamic “Grasshopper Nymph” through challenging macro photography in serene morning light. It displays the nymph’s fascinating dexterity and complex range of movements.

Insects, often underestimated, are indispensable to ecosystems and agriculture. They play a pivotal role in pollination, pest control, decomposition, and nutrient recycling. Their contribution ensures the production of diverse foods and supports various industries. Conservation efforts are imperative to counteract population declines caused by habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. Recognizing the significance of these tiny marvels is essential for maintaining ecological balance and safeguarding the foundations of our food supply and related industries.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Akash V Nair ,Alappuzha , Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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