Tiny Mosaic


The series of macro photographs known as “Tiny Mosaic: Magnifying Nature’s Artistry” reveals the delicate and sublime beauty of the macro world.

Explore ‘Tiny Mosaic,’ an engaging adventure into the deep and wonderful world of macro photography. The minute details and unseen beauty that make up the frequently hidden worlds of nature can be observed in this collection. Study the beautiful chaos of colours, textures, and patterns found in the most tiny areas of the natural world in each of the images included in this study.

mossymonarch little bug on a green planet arshad Palakad Kerala Creativehut

Mossy Monarch : Little bug on a green plant

A little insect creates a world within the loving arms of nature as it rests on a little green plant. Through its delicate dance, the plant transforms into its tiny kingdom, showcasing the beauty of simplicity. The bug’s arrival comes as a soft reminder to treasure the sometimes-overlooked wonders in the smallest spaces of our environment in the silent dance of light and shadow.

wingedvisitor butterfly landed on a glossy leaf arshad Palakad Kerala Creativehut

Winged visitor: butterfly landed on a glossy leaf

The scene is overwhelmed with the early morning light as a butterfly rests blissfully on a smooth leaf. Butterflies are wonderful butterflies that obtain their body temperature from external sources because they are lively. They often use sunrise to prepare for the day and to warm themselves. Butterflies are delicate creatures, but they are critical for pollination. This calm sight highlights how it improves the health and diversity of their natural surroundings.

twigrest a dragonfly taking rest on a twig arshad Palakad Kerala Creativehut

Twig Rest: A dragonfly taking a break on a twig

As it hovers gently at the end of a twig, the dragonfly finds calm.  These magnificent insects are true marvels of the universe.  A few little-known realities about them provide even more allure. Talented and fast hunters, dragonflies are known for their excellent flight skills and almost 360-degree field of vision. Likewise, with a history spanning over 300 million years, dragonflies are among the earth’s oldest insect species.

Leafmajesty wasp reigns on natures leaf throne arshad palakad Kerala creativehut

Leaf Majesty :Wasp reigns on nature’s leaf throne.

On a leaf, a little wasp decides itself as the ruler of its own natural kingdom. The leaf, which was formerly normal, changes into a regal seat and holds the small ruler in its soft embrace. The bee has a serene power over its domain, and the beautiful play of shadow and light shows the leaves. Simplicity and grandeur come together in this small world, revealing the poetry of nature in the peaceful, full control of an insect on a leaf.

Leafwarfare insects yardlong bean arshad palakad Kerala creativehut

Leaf Warfare: Insect vs. Yardlong Bean

A big insect pulls out a leafy escape in the garden’s theatre by nibbling on the palace of the yardlong bean. A little life drama takes place as the flexible bean battles its verdant domain from the subtle attack. This silent battle, nature’s silent dance, tells the story of only one bean plant’s personal battle for survival. It is a tale of need and resiliency unlike any other.”

Leafserenity natures lullaby bubbles on leaf arshad palakad Kerala Creativehut

Leaf Serenity : Nature’s Lullaby: Bubbles on Leaf

Bubbles form a calm dancing on nature’s canvas as they perform in the kiss of the leaf. Every small bead reflects the peaceful trance of natural beats. The leaf becomes an escape for the bubbles, creating a short masterpiece that provides an unexpected respite from the vibrant activity of the surroundings. “Nature’s Lullaby: Bubbles on Leaf” evokes a sense of peace and serves as an easy reminder of the beauty found in every detail in nature.

The microcosm of insects, comprising everyone from the flexible chameleon to the calm butterfly, highlights the close bonds that these species have with the natural world.  The unique traits of each insect—such as the careful hunting approach of the praying mantis or the incredible flying skills of the dragonfly—highlight the diverse ways in which nature has evolved to survive. Their tasks in things from pollination to insect control illustrate how crucial they are to maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems. Studying these wonderful insects allows us to understand the deep web of relationships that encompasses all of nature, where each bug serves to maintain the harmony and diversity of our planet.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Arshad C B , Palakkad  Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners

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