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Treasure Trove


Jewellery shows the hidden love and exposites tradition and prestige. The story is hidden in every part of the jewellery, which narrates the reputation of the generation and the love of mother.Jewellery has the ability to transcend time and bring back the best memories. A Mother’s love, tenderness, strength and protection are hidden in the jewellery, which she gives from generation to generation as a mother to her daughter and as a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law. When it comes to jewellery and establishing a connection between generations, we tend to forget fast fashion and focus forever on pieces that are timeless by association.India is famous for its gold jewelleries. Indian women wear different kinds of gold jewelleries occasionally and often on a regular basis. Gold choker is a necklace that fits snugly around the neck of women. Chokers can be perfectly worn depending on our style. Thick chokers could be combined either in a casual way or dressed up depending on our situation.

Treasury : Every piece of jewellery tells a story.

Glory :  Happiness is  wearing jewellery.

Bangles, known as Kangan in North India, are traditionally rigid bracelets which are usually made of gold. These ornaments are worn mostly by women in the country .Bangles are a symbol of auspiciousness for Indian women. According to the “Vedas” and “Puranas”, a mother-in-law gives kangan to her would-be daughter-in-law before marriage.  Purity, faith and hope are hidden behind this ritual.Here the background colour is Midnight Green, a shade of Green which depicts simplicity, modernity and elegance. The jewelleries being used here are made of gold. The  colour Glitzy Gold, a shade of Generic Orange symbolises  encouragement and creativity.

Ornament : There is beauty in simplicity.

Prestige : the love of generations.

Morning lights are most useful for jewellery photography. Because the morning light produces a yellow pigment tint, which gives a brilliant glow to the jewellery. There is a softness in the morning light which enhances the colour of the jewellery. Be it mother’s ideals or mother-in-law’s love, everything is hidden in these jewellery which we can see or hear from generation to generation in our families.The morning light seems perfect to give an alluring look to these ideals,hopes and feelings.Jewellery doesn’t need to be expensive to portray a mother’s love. Gifting jewellery to someone is a unique way to show love, happiness and to celebrate something. Jewellery is not only jewellery but a Treasure of Trove. Good jewellery photography is more than just taking pictures for people to see. It is about building a brand of professionalism and trust. Jewellery photography has an important role in e-commerce. For jewellery, it’s even more important to take the right photos

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Deepak verma, New Delhi, Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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