Trouvaille by Vaishnavi G Kurup


Photography can be defined in a number of ways and for me, it’s just like an ocean, “Deep, Beautiful, Mysterious, Wild and Free.” To some, it is bread and butter and to others, it’s a passion. Everyone has his/her own initial purpose to do photography but the essential purpose is communication. A good photograph aims to convey a story and elicit certain emotions, just like a good painting will do. Its importance lies in the storytelling aspect. It’s a perfect global imaginative art form that gives an opportunity to add human narration, fabrication, and exaggeration with a simple click. Ultimately resulted in the portfolio “Trouvaille”.

Different explorers draw different maps and I have tried to draw an optimism in motion i.e., TROUVAILLE in my theme. This book is all about how travel and discovering is, has been, and will be the biggest teacher for all humankind. Moreover, through different genres of photography, one can experience that our own country can be the greatest asset for our personal development. Henceforth, exploring is as inevitable as breathing. So as to convert into a refined and intellectual person. Thereupon, experiences are one of the most powerful tools for changing the way you think, but they don’t automatically provide you with direct access to the truth. I believe experiences are more valuable if we don’t try to elevate them into something they are not. There is no red pill and trouvaille is not a magic bullet. So, in the long run, they can help you break your mind out of prison. But they won’t teleport directly to nirvana

Vaishnavi G Kurup, Pathanamthitta, Kerala


“Photography is imperfectly perfect art to dramatize the moments and sparkle up the memories.” is the definition given by her. She is a wanderlust and the need to travel was instilled in her at a young age, who along with that loves to understand cross-culturalism.  She considers herself as a “forever student” eager to both build and stays in tune with different fields in photography.  Before making a photograph, she learned how to be a traveler. Travel is when she is most inspired and challenged. Learning bits of a new language, lost in the narrow dirt paths, meeting local people, and taking in every element of the moment like feelings, scents, etc. Just like the portfolio “Trouvaille”. As a photographer, the most challenging job is to become invisible and to capture the moments which need no explanation but simply connect with the audience. Furthermore, she has completed her Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India

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