Unique Styles


Its styles that make you unique.

Styles is never out of fashion as long as human kind exist there will be style in everything.

Another niche in the ocean of photography . Hair photography. As important as every other aspect of fashion ,hair style could take the appearance to a whole new level in either direction. Short or long, dark or light, curly or straight irrespective of the features of hair, all that matters is if it suits the appearance and specifications .


Pleased face : I am passionate with my hairstyles

updo-hair-fashion-photography-alan jose

Updo hair : Sky is the limit

An open hair style , the easiest hair style to pull off when you own straight hair, which suits most of the appearances . This made it a common trend among people to straighten the hair both temporarily or permanently . However ,the extent of damage that it brought had gradually took them away .The beach waves, a style that is suitable even when you are not in the beach. A soft wavy finish to the hair adds volume to the hair. Slight variations in the wave pattern and you get a whole new look . Playing with the waves are trending these days. A hair up do is always the preferred hairstyle with heavily embellished dresses . It completes the look and tay neat for the whole time .

ordinary-girl-fashion-photography-alan jose

Ordinary girl : Long hair will send you to heaven

beach-waves-fashion-photography-alan jose

Beach waves : Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts

magical-moments-fashion-photography-alan jose

Magical Moments : Natural is beautiful

thanks-wind-fashion-photography-alan jose

Thanks wind : You totally wrapped my face


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