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Unity in Community -Banaras


As part of photojournalism, our author has a special photo essay on Banaras. he has explained the unity in the community of Banaras place and its people.

Varanasi (popularly known as Banaras) is the most visited pilgrimage destination in all India. It is a city on the banks of the Ganga river in North India of the state Uttarpradesh. Furthermore, it is considered as the religious hub in India.

Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and many other religious groups live together in this city. The Ganga Ghats are the main attraction for tourists and local peoples. Many people reside around the Ganga ghat and they spend most of the time on ghats. Along with that, the streets of Banaras comprise several important things showing Indian culture and prosperity. When you walk across the street of Banaras that leads toward the Ganga ghat, you will see a bunch of people on the road. It seems like any festival celebrated. It is not easy to understand the culture of Banaras in a few days.

The lifestyle of the Banarasi people makes Banaras a unique place in North India. The one interesting thing about this place is the unity in communities. All people live together with their lives with smiles on their faces. It is a wonder to see that, people of Banaras never let problems come to their lives. They have their own way to face difficulties and live life.

Unnerved: Level up, things get difficult

Dedicated to Goddess Ganga

The sunset and sunrise at the Ganga ghats are one of the most beautiful views to capture in minds and hearts. The Morning of Banaras is the most attractive thing that people love to feel this beauty. Banaras becomes more active in the morning. People wait to see the colorful view of sunrise that fills the sky with wonderful warm color. They start to come on the Ganga ghat before sunrise. However, the city is located on the bank of the Ganga river which is dedicated to Goddess Ganga.

There are 84 Ghats made by big-2 stairs.

All the ghats are connected to each other in a row. Every time different communities of some people live on these ghats. The day of Banaras people starts with pouring a pot of water facing the rising sun followed by a bath in Ganga. Children, young and old, all take a dip in water always. They are not happy to get anything and they don’t have fear of loose anything. They always enjoy their life. As their unity in community don’t come with the hope of joy as they come with the hope of peace.

Crystal Gazer: Operators of logic and intuition
Pitiable: Mindful of what and who
Frame Of Mind: Keeping the swag mode on

Holy Land

Banaras is known as the holy land where Buddha walked and preached, as well as the land of music, where some of the greatest poets including Kabir and Tulsidas lived years ago.  There is serenity amidst the chaos in Banaras, and the best way to experience it is to take a boat ride along the Gangas. One can witness several activities going on almost all the time on Ganga ghats. The people wear tilak as part of their daily uniform, as it symbolizes one’s devotion to God. Half-Naked priests, children wobbling around, animals, and many more such things make this place interesting. Recognized as the ‘Land of Temples’, Banaras is home to approximately 23,000 holy structures. The early morning ‘aarti’ and the evening ‘aarti’ here is a spectacular sight witnessing. Here we can find all types of people and cultures in harmonious unity in the community.

Senility: Age is mere a number
Dotage: Aging not by years but by stories
Pundit: A guidance for a divine outlook
Solus: Powerful tool very few can cope up with
Deft: Skillful in swift thoughts

Everyday in Banaras is a day of festival

The holy place is a magnificent example of architectural beauty, natural beauty, and the beauty of belief in God. As a photographer, one could never get out of subjects to capture here. The place is very much peaceful and one could feel good in every way possible. The popularity of this place catches up the attraction of many tourists so that the crowd never settles here. Every day in Banaras is the day of the festival.

Devotion, Serenity, Peace & Enlightenment

Banaras changes in a different color as the sun comes to set and an enthusiastic crowd goes toward the Dashwashmedh Ghat. The Ghat echo with the voice of ‘Ganga Aarti’ every day and people start to dance with this echo. Moreover, India is a country full of wonders and Banaras is the best example. It contains different colors, the beauty of Ganga Ghats, and a unique lifestyle. Apart from that, Devotion, Serenity, Peace, Enlightenment and many such words are best to describe the beauty of Banaras. One who comes here keeps remembering this place for long centuries…

Mrinal Bhushan, Banka, Bihar, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mrinal Bhushan. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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