Unpredictable Clicks


The “Unpredictable Clicks” is about abstract illusions in photography, which involves combining various combinations of parts to create an image it uses various shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to accomplish its effect rather than attempting to provide a visual reality.

Deep Sea: The spectrum of blue rays.

When we think of the abstract in terms of art, great painters like Jackson Pollock or Piet Mondrian come to mind, but painting isn’t the only artistic field where abstraction comes into play.

Pattern: The pattern of oil drops.

Since the world’s first photograph in the 19th century, artistic photographers have been experimenting with how a Camera obscura used to capture reality can be manipulated to give a different view of the world around us.

The Fusion: The splash of color.

Capturing good abstract photography is challenging and requires you to think outside the box and take pictures that you wouldn’t normally take. When searching for abstract photography ideas, look for things that you can reframe and compose differently so no one is going to recognize it.

The Rainbow: The combination of colours.

While many commonly observed photography composition rules don’t apply, a good abstract photo always has a clear, structural design. A lot of thought goes into the order, placement, and balance between shapes, patterns, textures, and even colors within an abstract image.

The Loop: Deep inside the tree.

These factors greatly affect the visual weight of the photo, establish and complement the point of interest, and influence how viewers look at it.

Old Bark: Growing older.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Jobin Thomas, Changanasserry, Kottayam, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. A photography school in Kerala called Creative Hut gave him a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography. It is illegal to copy them, in whole or in part, without the permission of the rightful owners.

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