Unsolicited faces


Unsolicited Faces is an article that features several faces telling various stories.

first-sip-portrait-photography-basil mathew

First sip : Persistence for life 

The expressions on people’s faces reveal a lot about who they are and what they’re thinking. It’s been said that a person’s face never lies because it always shows their true feelings . It tells the truth without any words .A person’s expression might give you a good idea of how they’re feeling .The portraits of village people their different attitudes and emotions. You can tell exactly how they feel just by looking at their faces . Each likeness displays the subjects’ concerns, struggles, hardships, and anxiety . The smiling faces , happy faces,angry faces lovable faces & faces filled with curiosity also shows the way of life . To be very particular,these faces captures in Odisha explains different stories if innocence in village

twins-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Twins : Looks like twins

unforeseen-second-half-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Unforeseen second half : Every human being has his /her own expressions

smile-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Smile : Extraordinary smile

expecting-someone-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Expecting someone : Expectation at its peak

safest-hands-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Safest hands : Travelling in the safest hands

morning-vibes-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Morning vibes : Blanketed grandma

old-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Old : Old is gold

unclear-face-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Unclear face : Having a confused appearance

old-age-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Old age : At a certain are everyone leaves

childish-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Childish : Child from odisha

curiosity-portrait-photography-basil mathew

Curiosity : Looking with Curiosity

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Basil Mathew , Ernakulam . Thereupon, their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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