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Urban Hues


Pulikali’s colourful growth is on display at Thrissur’s Urban Hues, where neon, black tigers, and clones capture the spirit of the region.

Thrissur’s urban backdrop serves as the setting for “Urban Hues,” a story of Pulikali, Kerala’s dynamic cultural spectacular. Pulikali’s hypnotized dance takes place in busy public squares as the vibrant tiger portrayals come to life. Clone tigers enthrall people with their rhythmic exhibition, conveying optimism and a festive atmosphere. Golden stripes and neon colors spray the city, turning the streets into sparkling cat symphonies of bliss. 

painted tigers dancing in public

Epic Carnival Pulikali’s glowing rings split into tigers wildly dancing.

After the brightly coloured tiger paintings are finished, Pulikali’s spectacular dance takes place in a busy public square. Two main tigers lead the rhythmic display as they gently expose the frame above a sea of spectators. Several brightly painted tigers pulse through the vibrant background. The whole image into a vibrant, immersive celebration of Kerala’s cultural exuberance.

painted tiger shows a pose towards the frame

Paw wave A tiger greets the festivities in the centre of the shot.

A lone tiger takes center stage in the screen in the thick of Pulikali’s ecstatic dance, waving both palms in a hearty greeting to the excited throng. With the vivid background filled with the frenetic of other tigers dance , this lone figure becomes an appealing focal point, welcoming the lively and optimistic Pulikali magic festivities.

blue painted tiger pose in between dancing

Sapphire Hola Sapphire salute as the blue tiger greets the public.

A neon-colored tiger stands out among an array of stripes as it greets the mass of people in a crowded public square. It serves as a focal point, representing Pulikali magic colorful celebration, and hugging with her fellow tiger’s lively dance. The scene opens up like a glittering symphony, preparing the streets for a colourful celebration.

green painted tiger dancing alone

Gilded Poise Lavish chic at the lively celebration’s pearl dance.

A striking black tiger with golden stripes stands out among the crowd in the vibrant public display gracefully dancing among them. Its golden-toned diamond fur catches the eye of pedestrians. Pulikali’s image of lively enthusiasm is embodied in her well-coordinated movements with her colorful buddies, creating a vision of feline ecstasy. Throughout the happy dance, the golden stripes glitter, gripping everyone.

In “Urban Hues,” Thrissur’s urban backdrop becomes the setting for the vibrant cultural show of Pulikali from Kerala. Brightly coloured tigers dance, expressing joy. Neon, black, and clone tigers capture Pulikali in Thrissur, transforming the streets into orchestras of feline beauty. In Thrissur’s busy squares, Kerala Pulikali’s dynamism and love for the local culture are visible.


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