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“Urvogel” is a German name sometimes referred to as “Archaeopteryx” which is the first bird in the universe.

oreaole halo of glory muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Aureole: halo of glory

Bird photography is one of the most popular genres of nature photography. Birds are awesome creatures, but photographing them is incredibly hard. Wild birds usually don’t pose where you want, and getting close enough to take good photographs is often tough. However, knowing the fundamentals of bird photography makes it much easier to capture incredible moments in the lives of birds.

flediging wings of care muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Fledging: wings of care

Most birds are quite shy, so it is necessary to have a longer focal length lens. A longer focal length allows you to picture birds from a greater distance while also blurring the background.

hawking birds verses bugs muhammed mushin kannur creativehut
Hawking: birds versus bugs

Because a lens with a long focal length is required for bird photography, it’s important to select a fast shutter if you don’t want your images to be fuzzy due to camera shake.

preening-cleaning and organizing-muhammed-mushin kannur creativehut

Preening: cleaning and organising

Birds are very observant creatures who are easily disturbed by even the tiniest movement from the photographer. Even though many birds will allow you to get close enough if you don’t make any quick moves.

topsy turvy emmy beauty buffet-muhammed mushin kannur creativehut

Topsy-Turvy: yummy fruity bufffet

Birds are magnificent creatures. While photographing them, we have some obligations or ethics to maintain. Don’t hurt them when shooting pictures. I strongly advise against photographing birds near nests (unless when the distance is great and the bird isn’t sensitive to disturbance). Even if you don’t damage birds, you can show predators where the nest is. A photograph is less essential than a bird’s life.

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