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Verdant Vista


Verdant Vista, is a landscape photographic showcase capturing Kashmir’s attractive area showcasing emerald valleys and timeless charm.

Verdant Vista showcases the elegance of Emerald valleys while exposing Kashmir’s lesser-known attractions through striking photographs. The Verdant vista photos capture the distinct beauty of this remarkable place by taking viewers on a journey through Kashmir verdant landscape with each frame. The collection captures the beauty and appealing elegance of Kashmir attraction, representing the artistry of photography.

country side road in kashmir

Road to Valley The awesome road to the emerald valley.

The first pictures in the verdant vista photos collection showcase the breathtaking beauty of the Kashmir surroundings, drawing viewers in and inspiring them to embark on a delightful visual journey. A road that curves its way through a dense forest, with conical trees growing on either side, captures the lasting beauty of the Emerald valleys.

Tress in winter in kashmir

The Young Army The guys on the face of the geopolitical border.

The next image, the border between India and Pakistan in the Emerald Valley. It captures the delicate balancing act between growth and pressure among durability, vibrant trees holding witness to the region’s complicated past. The following image shows life in the Emerald Valley. Where a peaceful village and a snow-fed river blend together to create a timeless beauty that is Kashmir.

one of the river side in kashmir

River’s Melody The beauty of the land and the snow-fed water.

The last picture shows the storing of hay, which is the food for the cattle. They are stored in a tree-like structure which means that at the height the cattle can’t eat it. This helps the people to feed the cattle in the winter season in the countryside of Kashmir. Verdant vista perfectly captures the timeless attraction of Kashmir. It is combining the majesty of the natural world with the illustrious past of Indo European History.

hay storing tradition in kashmir

Hay storing The storing of hay for cattle in winter.

Verdant vista presents the beauty of Kashmir countryside through attracting photographs. The first image encourages exploration along an interesting forest road, showing the beauty of the emerald valley. Then the young trees along the India Pakistan border symbolize nature’s strength in the face of geopolitical borders. The following image shows a quiet village by a snow fed river, showing the peaceful coexistence of life and landscape. The final photograph shows the traditional way of storing cattle food, integrated into the timeless beauty of Kashmir’s countryside.

Copyright : All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Karthikraj C K and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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