In the chapter of “Visual Touch,” The images explore the fascinating theme of “view.” This chapter focuses on the bride’s parents and seeks to depict their distinct perspective while showcasing the lovely textures that surround them.

“Father’s Love, Precious Gift With tender hands, the father of the bride bestows upon her the most precious jewelry, a symbol of his unwavering love

I notice the parents’ admiration and love for their daughter when I study them. They admire the delicate features of her wedding gown, sliding their hands over the cloth to feel its textures. I try to capture these details with my camera lens, highlighting the softness and gentleness of the clothing in the images. With its delicate lacework and embroidery, the bride’s dress transforms into a beautiful delight. In my images, I capture these beautiful details in a frozen state so that viewers may appreciate the textures and sense depth.

Mother’s Guiding Touch Gentle and caring, the mother of the bride assists in adorning her daughter with exquisite jewelry, a cherished moment of shared anticipation.

the parents also consider the bigger picture in addition to the bride. The huge horizons, towering trees, and open spaces astound them. The texture of the landscape is enhanced by these organic materials, which also provide a backdrop that intensifies the feelings depicted in the pictures.

Family Reunion, Bound by Love Amidst joyous laughter and loving embraces, the bride’s family unites, their togetherness radiating warmth and happiness.

The surrounding area is textured by the thick vegetation, the rough bark of old trees, and the gentle waves on a still lake. I want to achieve a sense of harmony between the environment and human presence by using these natural textures.It becomes clearer how perspective and texture are related as the chapter goes on. Each shot has depth and emotion because of the textures of the bride’s clothing and the surrounding scenery. I aim to arouse the senses of viewers and entice them to fully immerse themselves in the richly detailed universe depicted in the photographs through meticulous composition.

Leaving Home, Embarking on Forever Hand in hand, the mother bids farewell to her daughter, embarking on a new chapter of love, memories, and shared adventuresmoment of shared anticipation.

In this chapter of “Visual Touch,” pictures act as a link between the parents’ point of view and the many textures that influence their experience. Together, they build an emotionally engaging and visually arresting narrative. As you read this chapter, may the textures come to life, enhancing your connection to the stories contained therein. We begin a visual journey that honors the world through the interaction of vision and texture.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Sahil Sidharthan K, Kannur, Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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