A creative mind is one that is not just open to practical thoughts, but also to possibilities. It’s a mind that’s not scared to try out new creative activities and experiment with new ideas. It’s as though you have a mind that knows no limitations.

OVERTHINKING : Biggest Cause Of Unhappiness.

COVID : Quarantine life got him to an e-Sports team.

Integration appears to be the key, with robust, lateral networks firing to connect a varied range of brain circuits in both hemispheres. Highly creative thinkers, on the other hand, had strong connections between three brain networks: mind wandering, focused thought, and selective attention.

FLOURISH : Helping others flourish ourselves.

POWER : Brings up new ideas.

Challenge yourself to think up lots of ideas around a topic or problem at the same time. It’s essential to try and stop yourself from self-policing, and don’t discount some of your more lateral ideas before they reach the page.

COBRA STRIKE : Should be felt before it’s seen.

INFINITY : The Universe Energy Doesn’t Lie.

By taking a small digital detox or cleaning up your room, you can free up your mind to focus on the things that matter. When you’re attempting to concentrate, you don’t want to overload your brain with distracting visual clues. The impulse to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. The artistic side of photography is the focus of this chapter. This chapter “Visionary” will show you how to take simple objects and use them to tell diverse stories.

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