Visual Journalist by Kovvuru Venkata Narasimha Varma


I have always been captivated by the power of images, the ability to freeze a moment in time and tell a story that transcends words. This fascination, with my unwavering passion for photography, guided me to become a visual journalist.

My name is Kovvuru Venkata Narasimha Varma, and I am on a mission to unveil the world’s stories through captivating images. Every day, I strive to capture the essence of the human experience to document the untold narratives that shape our world. In my opinion, photography is more than just a profession; it is a way of life. With my camera in hand, I venture into the heart of events, seeking the truth lying beneath the surface. From bustling city streets to remote corners of the globe, I immerse myself in the stories that need to be heard. Each click of the shutter is an act of bearing witness to history, preserving fleeting moments that have the power to ignite empathy and spark change.

As a visual journalist, I stick to the principles of ethical storytelling. I approach every assignment with integrity, respect, and a deep sense of responsibility. I strive to capture the authentic narratives of the people I encounter, honoring their stories and giving them a voice. In a world saturated with information, I understand the importance of visual communication in cutting through noise. My photographs are not just images; they are windows into lives, invitations to empathize, and catalysts for dialogue. Through my work, I aim to bridge gaps, connect people, and foster understanding. But my role extends beyond the act of capturing images. I am dedicated to nurturing the next generation of visual storytellers. 

Through workshops, mentorships, and collaborations, I aim to inspire and empower others to harness the power of photography to make a difference in their communities. My brand, Visual Journalist, is a reflection of my identity, values, and aspirations. It represents my unwavering commitment to truth, my dedication to excellence, and my belief in the transformative power of visual storytelling.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Kovvuru Venkata Narasimha Varma, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

Guided by

Abin Alex, M.Des, MBA (DM), M.Sc (Viscom)

Academic Director

With considerable expertise as a senior faculty member, he diligently guides the concepts of Photography, Lighting, Cinematography, and Editing.

Anu Joseph, B.SC (PCM), MA Journalism

Senior Faculty

She is a dedicated senior faculty member, committed to instructing students in the disciplines of screenwriting, photography, and journalism.

George Eapen

Senior Faculty

He is a dedicated senior faculty member with vast expertise, wholeheartedly devoted to teaching communication and content writing.

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