Wall Of The Pagoda


From war to Buddhist path

Artistic wall of the pagoda will blow one’s mind . Nepal, China, Japan, Korea, Burma, Vietnam, and other Asian countries are home to pagodas, multi-story East Asian towers . A small number of pagodas were created for Taoist religious purposes and set within or near to viharas, whereas the majority were constructed for Buddhist religious purposes . Moreover Canvases, framed prints, and other artistic wall decorations all fall under the category of wall art.

Pagoda Art

Dhauli temple is a famous old relic of Odisha and one among few remains of Mauryan Art . Dhauli Shanti Stupa, or Dhauli Peace Pagoda, is its English name It’s in the Odisha city of Bhubaneswar . When Ashoka , a monarch, learned how horrific the conflict was, he decided to construct it . Besides he states his worry for “ Welfare of the whole world”. It is a prominent Buddhist centre and the supposed site of the Kalinga War . It is located on the banks of the river Daya . There, you can see the famous relic of the Mauryan elephant . Also its temple’s walls are adorned with Buddha carvings . The wall carvings include a variety of individuals, elephants, Buddhas, and followers of the Buddha . There are many statues of Buddha in different poses in this temple . There are Buddhist carvings, spiritual lines, and chants all over the rocks and walls of this temple.

an ancient era
An ancient Era : Looking back into ancient times
piece of artwork
Piece of Artwork : Stories of ancient eras
Worshippers : Carvings of worshippers
prayers and blessings
Prayers and Blessings : Believers seeking blessings
lord buddha
Lord Buddha : Carvings of Lord Buddha
connection with nature
Connection with Nature : Carving showing connection with nature

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