Tale of wall of Konark sun temple

There are many souls and stories merged in the walls of Konark Sun temple. They all have the stories, Culture and Art of an era curved in it. Those are the stories that various artists have inked.

symbol-of-art-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Symbol of Art : Wall carvings are the symbol of Arts

wall-carvings-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Wall Carvings : Art of Converting formless into form

Stories and tales have always been a way to remember and imagine the past .Many people won’t accept them as true if they are just passed down through generations, therefore some of them have been disregarded and withered away. But the stories that are carved into stones are different. They remain for longer periods and illustrate the past . Konark Sun temple is an architectural wonder where we can see all sculptures . Carved just right , these works of art on the walls were made by many artists over the course of almost 12 years . Moreover are a medium for saving forgotten tales of the past. 

standing-proud-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

These labor- and time-intensively produced masterpieces are being destroyed by the age’s voracious appetite . The deterioration and atmospheric pollutants have dulled their beauty. They reveal a wealth of important details about historical periods and how our ancestors lived. From the stories of Kings to the peasants they have more to talk about .The Konark Sun Temple is one of the marvels of the ancient world and is devoted to the Hindu sun god Surya . Therefore artwork and ideas on these walls are well-known for the components on them .

Standing proud : Sun template, the walls of Carved spirits

altered -perspectives-archotecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Art of Building

The carvings show scenes from the kama and midhuna . Also, this architectural marvel draws tens of thousands of tourists and followers each year .Konark temple  is different in many ways from each other temples in Odisha .The wheels in this temple are called Ashoka Chakra because they look like the wheels of the sun god’s chariot It is also on the Indian flag . Though these wonders have lost its novelty it still stands proud in the Konark, Odisha


Altered Perspectives  : Different views of the walls of the Sun temple

surreal-creations-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Surreal creations : Surrealistic arts of wall carvings

ancient-stories-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Ancient Stories : Engraved stories of the ancient ages

finest-in-details-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Finest in details : An icon of perfection with finest details

faded-out-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Faded out : Pollutions are masking away these stories

dance-forms-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Dance Forms : Depiction of Odisha’s arty dance performances

ancient-kingdom-architecture-photography-ajayakumar s a

Ancient Kingdom : Ancient times come alive in these walls

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