Wandering Wings


Birds with their beautiful wings wandering without any boundary ..

Wings of Avians

When we mention birds , the first thing coming to our is that they have wings , which are covered with feathers and they can fly anywhere without any restrictions . Birds are the only creatures in this world , which have no boundaries .Without any doubt , they can go anywhere in this world with their feathered wings . They have the ability of adapting the environment wherever they are going and have been living in this world for so many centuries .


Loten’s Sunbird : Smallest bird species in the world

Birds photography

Birds are of different sizes and colours , from the smallest of two inches to the tallest of more than 6 feet . Each and every bird is unique in different ways . Some birds can fly very high , some birds can fly fast , some birds can run fast , some birds can swim well , some birds can sing with lovely voice , some birds can dance well , and so on . Some birds stay in a place for their whole life and others migrate from a continent to another . Here are some pictures of different type of birds . Wandering wings shows wonderful birds photographs…

female-magpie-robins-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Female Magpie Robins : They were widely kept as cage birds , and one of the best singing bird

javan-myna-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Javan Myna : They are treated as cage birds , and they are not much afraid of humans

yellow-oriole-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Yellow Oriole : This bird sings in pleasant melodious fluting , with some bluzzing sound

western-greenish-warbler -wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Western Greenish Warbler : A small migrator from Western Europe to India


Greater Racket-tailed Drongo : Usually imitate the calls of raptorts to steal the prey from the other birds


Eurasian Hoopoe : It became the national bird of Israel by outpolling the white spectacled bulbul

black-drongo-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan (2)

Black Drongo : The aggressive behaviour towards large birds earns the name king crow

velevet-fronted-nuthatch-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Velvet fronted Nuthatch : With their sharp clawed toes , they can walk upside down on the trees

large-cormarant-wildlife-phootgraphy-bharathi murugan

Large Cormorant : Fishermen tie a rope around the throats and using it for fishing

ashy-woodswallow-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan (2)

Ashy Woodswallow : Usually sit as a group side-by-side on the branches of a tall tree

indian-roller-wildlife-photgraphy-bharathi murugan

Indian Roller : This bird got this name because of its aerobatic display in flight

painted-stork-wolly-stork-wildlife-photography-bharathi tamilnadu

Painted Stork & Wolly Stork : They are large water birds and usually migrate for long distance

red-naped-lbis-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Red-naped ibis : A large black water bird , but does not prefer water much like other species of ibis

yellow-footed-green-pigeon-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Yellow Footed Green Pigeon : It is one of the herbivorous birds , mostly feeds on fruits , berries and crops

spotted-dove-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Spotted Dove : These birds drink by sucking and don’t want to tilt their head back to swallow

male-orange-minivet-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Male Orange Minivet : A flycatching bird with bright attractive colour and lovely whistling sound

Jerdon's-leafbird-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Jerdon’s Leafbird : A singing leafbird with the capability of immitating other birds call

male-magpie-robin-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Male Magpie Robin : Even though they are insectivores , they drink flower nector occasionally

palm-tanager-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Palm Tanager : A fast singing social unwary bird , most eats a wide variety of small fruit

indian-peacock-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Indian Peacock : The color in the tail feather of this bird will say the richness of this bird

purple-swamphen-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Purple Swamphen : A proficient swimmer , but mostly like to walk on the sides of water

western-yellow-wagtail-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Western Yellow Wagtail : A small insectivorous bird , mostly prefers to walk or run instead of flying

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Bharathi Murugan ,Tamil Nadu ,Creative Hut Institute of Photography. A photography school in Kerala called Creative Hut gave him a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography. It is illegal to copy them, in whole or in part, without the permission of the rightful owners.

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