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Wanderlust – Nomads of the Sky


The title of this article makes it more clear, that it’s all about the birds. Birds are truly the nomads of the sky. Their small eyes and wings have too much power beyond human imagination. These beautiful creatures are blessed ones. They can travel to different locations. They fly over the sky from one country to another country. Well, the capturing of the stunning birds are always challenging. Here are some amazing photographs of Birds. Thus, tried to collect it in this article “Wanderlust – Nomads of the Sky”.

Bird Photography

Bird photography needs a lot of patience and presence of mind. Since your main subjects are birds who don’t pose as we need. We have to be ready to focus on them without any delay.

beautiful birds of kerala sandeep nkurup creativehut
Wanderlust: Always find your way home

The best part of bird photography is to capture their movements and actions. Well, it’s not that easy to achieve it. Often, it makes us wait for a long time to get one stunning shot. On the contrary, we even miss the chance to capture their rare actions with a fraction of a second.

birds images sandeep n kurup creativehut
Cringe: Eat, sleep, and hunt

Birds are truly the Wanderlust – Nomads of the Sky. On the other hand, there are some birds who cannot fly. Those are the non-flying birds.

People love to watch birds and photograph them in their frames. Finding the right location is one of the important tasks. Equally important is the selection of the proper camera and gears required for the shoot.

Avifauna: Sing of freedom

Finding the pair of birds in the location is an opportunity. Some birds stay for a long time in pairs. Hence, their actions can be framed and capture various continuous shoots. On the other hand, some birds in pairs fly off as soon as they feel some disturbance in the surrounding.

beautiful birds sandeep n kurup creativehut
Heart-Throb: Connected with the nature
Honey: Strong and hardy cardinal

Moreover, it’s always a challenging job. On the positive note, framing the beautiful birds, with small eyes and beaks, colorful feathers, and of different sizes are really the craziest job. Thereupon, one who loves to do so can bring up the best out of it.

Photographs by: Sandeep N Kurup, Kerala

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Sandeep N Kurup. Kindly, note that their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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