Way of Life


While looking at a picture, ask yourself if you’re able to smell the street.A way of life is an important activity, job, or other aspect of someone’s life that impacts all aspects of their life. Lifestyle is an aspect of photojournalism.

Safe Hand: Lying on mother’s shoulder.

Curious: The fruit seller’s man smoking bidi.

The method of using images to tell a story is known as photojournalism. Unlike traditional journalists, who use pen and paper to transmit information, photojournalists use a camera as their medium. A photojournalist will utilise photographs to describe the complete tale, from beginning to end, and if done correctly, the reader may not even need words to fully comprehend the message being presented.

A Usual Day: Vendors sell their goods.

Fruit Vendors: A fruit market in K.R. Market, Bangalore.

In simple words, the purpose of a photojournalist is to tell a story through pictures. Photojournalism is a subset of journalism that focuses on the use of photographs to express objective facts. Journalism, on the other hand, can encompass written pieces as well as other forms of media such as video. In this chapter there are street photography and portrait photography.

Passageway: People are passing through a narrow passageway.

Street photography is a type of photography that captures ordinary life in a public setting. Because of the open nature of the scene, the photographer is free to shoot candid photographs of strangers, often without their knowledge. For good reason, portrait photography is one of the most popular photographic genres. A good portrait photographer can capture the individuality and emotion of those around them.

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