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Wetland Watchers


Wetland Watchers in the swamps of Kadamakkudy, calm hunters represent the harmony of nature, stalking with grace, passion and survival.

With their captivating bird photography, Wetland Watchers capture the essence of Kadamakkudy’s wetland. In the beauty of the Little Egret’s chase, the Anhinga’s concentrated eye, and the Pygmy Cormorant’s vigilant watchfulness. These avian moments develop against the serene backdrop of nature, highlighting the village’s vast biodiversity. Weaving a harmonious frontal that will thrill keen Bird watching in Kerala.

A photo of a gracefull bird.

Graceful Hunter Silent seeker, delicately searching for its underwater prey.

In the lovely village of Kadamakkudy, the Little Egret graces its surroundings, standing neatly on a wooden perch. This lovely community, grasped in nature’s lap, presents a captivating fabric of rich plants and quiet water bodies. The egret, adds to the appeal by softly seeking for aquatic prey in the beautiful majesty of Kadamakkudy. The community, with its stunning scenery, becomes a haven where nature and wildlife happily cohabit.

A bird is observing.

Delicate Pursuit Curious Egret, Searching Gracefully.

The Little Egret glides gracefully over the water in Kadamakkudy’s peaceful wetlands with water birds, its perfect white feathers sparkle. With appealing eyes, it looks for food, reflecting the delicate pursuit of nutrition and Wildlife birds photos. The egret’s elegant chase captivates in Kadamakkudy village, surrounded by natural beauty.”Delicate Pursuit – Curious Egret, Searching Gracefully.

A photo of a bird sitting on a pillar.

Elegant Hunter watching water’s surface.

The Anhinga, dressed in magnificent black, brown, and white feathers, sits sitting on a piece of wood in the waters of Kadamakkudy. Its attractive eyes reflect a sharp intensity as it examines the surroundings, like a skillful hunter looking for its next prey. 

A bird observing from waterland.

Branch Observer Pygmy Cormorant observes, ready to strike.

In the still waters of Kadamakkudy, the Pygmy Cormorant sits on a branch, keeping a close eye on the aquatic dance. With the lush surroundings as a backdrop, the bird’s acute eyes scan the reflected surface, waiting for the right opportunity to dive and explore the depths in search of prey.

Wetland Watchers In Kadamakkudy’s calm wetlands, nature and animals dance in unison, as masterfully recorded through bird photography. Witness the Little Egret’s graceful movements through Kadamakkudy Photos, the Anhinga’s inquisitive stare, and the Pygmy Cormorant’s keen observation. Together, they build a stunning story of avian stillness, grace and variety, highlighting the subtle beauty of bird photography and serene ecology.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Alen Shibu Kuriakose and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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