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“Whiff” the smells of DENVER, Old Spice, and Fogg. Premium components, such as citrus and sandalwood, ensure protection for a full day.

“Explore WHIFF which Delicate smell for continuous vigor. Feel the tropical combination of Old Spice, the enticing scent of Fogg, and the cool protection of DENVER. Witness a whole new level of tactile pleasure with our premium ingredients and lasting scents.”

spray bottle on a blue background

Seductive Harmonious scent symphony.

Experience the seductive smell of Fogg, which combines sandalwood, ginger, bitter orange, rose, jasmine, and a harmony of honey and oak. Made with high-quality ingredients such as triclosan, propylene glycol, DEP, and ethane, and containing 1% w/w diethyl plasticizer and 89.05% w/w spirits.

photo of spray bottle on a blue background

Revitalising Durable boost to freshness.

Experience the delightful citrus scent of Fogg Victor sweat control, providing 24-hour protection. With Fogg Fragrant Body Spray – Victor , you can ditch the routine and fight perspiration odour while leaving a clean, Clear aroma behind. Ethyl spirit, fragrance, DEP, propylene glycol, and triclosan are important components that guarantee a long-lasting and stimulating experience.

picture of a spray bottle on blue background

Bewitching Freshness redefined.

Enter the fascinating world of Old Spice’s newest line of deodorants. With a distinctive scent that combines rich tropical fruit hints and sharp orange peel top notes, this gas-free composition guarantees lasting vigor for a full day. Enjoy an unique combination for lasting vigor. with Old Spice’s clever new launch.

blue and gold coloured spray bottle on a blue background

Voyage Fragrance mastery.

Enjoy the cool protection against a stench that DENVER men’s Fragrant body spray offers. Its mellowed scent offers long-lasting freshness. Made with premium components including propellant and ethyl it allows a pleasant experience. With energising scents to start your day off well, be ready for anything. Shake deeply, hold 10-15 cm away, and spray for everlasting freshness.

“Accept WHIFF to experience the essence of vigor. Savour energising scents for enduring attraction, from DENVER’s chilly protection to Old Spice’s tropical notes and Fogg’s inviting mixtures. Raise the bar on your olfactory experience with premium ingredients and long-lasting smells. With WHIFF, enjoy long-lasting vigor.”


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