White Hair Stories by Pranav K.K


Before we get into the name “White Hair Stories”, let us understand what a story is or why we tell stories. A story is a way to convey knowledge, experience, attitude, or point of view. There is a teller and a listener for every story. Here we are the storytellers. We are here to tell stories through different mediums like photography, films, short films, etc. But where do the stories come from?

Every day, we tell stories — primarily to ourselves. We tell ourselves narratives to make a point, envisage a possible future, remind, punish, and soothe ourselves. Inside each of us is a sophisticated system of storytelling that is alive, rich in material, and, we believe, critical to our health and well-being. This is where stories begin, where they are conceived, gestated, and ultimately formed. As a result, we are the first to tell the story and the first to listen.

So let us get back to the name. White hair represents wisdom, experience, and maturity. Our stories are also like that. We tell stories that are wise and informative. Hence the name “White Hair Stories”.

The inspiration for the logo comes from the fact that the stories that we tell originate from our minds itself. So the mind is represented as the brain. We usually “tell” stories to the society through our voice, and that voice should be loud enough so that the whole society hears. So that is represented using a mike. The film roll represents the medium through which we are intending to tell the stories, ie, Films. Hence our logo.

All the Designs and text in this post are copyright of Pranav K.K from Ernakulam, Kerala, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


We offer One year Professional Diploma In Photography and Cinematography. And also provide specialized courses in Wildlife Photography, Travel Photography, Food and Product Photography, Photojournalism, Fashion Photography, Photo Editing and Video Editing. Admission Open !

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