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Winged Wonders


“Winged Wonders” provides a magnetic journey into the colourful region of bird life, valuing its visuals and habits. It shows bird habitats.

Come to the wonderful world of bird photography, where amazing creatures with wings come to life behind the camera. Kottayam, in central Kerala, draws bird watchers eager to photograph its diverse avian inhabitants. Thattekad in South India: prime birding spot. Abundance of bird species. Kerala It Hornbill, Kerala Laughingthrush, Indian Pitta, Malabar Parakeet await. Set up for an immersive experience.

king fisher

 Kingfisher is a jewel in nature’s crown.

bee eater

Bee-eater nature’s vibrant gem on display.

Capturing birds in Kottayam, Kerala, brings out the stunning colours of nature’s beauty.Kingfisher photography in Kottayam highlights their graceful dives and bright feathers. Bee-eater photography in forests captures their beauty blending with surroundings. Each click immortalizes fleeting moments, celebrating harmony in nature.

female peafoul

Female peafowl gaze in contrasting directions.

indian grayhorbill

Indian Grey Hornbill Majestic  perched amidst foliage.

Wings Amazing captures the natural beauty of Nagarhole National Park and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary through the lens. These birds’ photography in Nagarhole adds suspense to the graceful presence of female birds by capturing their mysterious beauty. Images of Indian Grey Hornbills at Thattekad, on the other hand, show how well they blend in with their environment and provide a peek at the variety of birds that call the sanctuary home. These engrossing photos entice us to marvel at nature’s amazing bird wonders by disclosing their secret histories.

Bird photography, specifically the capture of the magnificent majority of Kerala’s peafowl, is a monument to the amazing attraction of birds and shows the incredible draw of bird life. Various common bird species in Thattekad can be found in Kerala’s different areas, such as the Indian Peafowl, Indian Pond Heron, and White-cheeked Barbet. These winged wonders provide plenty of chances to marvel at the wonders of birds in this engrossing location ,engrossing photographers and fans of nature equally.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Ashwin A S and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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