Wings of Aves


Wings of Aves provide them with the ability to fly .All birds have two wings, but that does not imply flying. The terrestrial birds which can’t fly have very small wings, and some birds like penguins use them as flippers.Sky is the limit for Aves(Birds).They fly freely and majestically enjoying fresh air.

But they’re prey. Migratory birds roam between continents depending on climate..The navigating skills of birds are amazing.

Majestic gliding

Majestic gliding : The Sea Gullus are flying like fighter aircrafts up in the sky

A majestic predator

A majestic predator: The bird is on the look out for an easy prey

Care free life

Care free life : Grooming while resting

Vigilant at all times

Vigilant at all times : The tiny bird is expecting a predacor at any time

Lovely Lonely

Lovely Lonely : The birds seems to be waiting for its mate


Curiosity : The bird is always cautious about its surroundings

The Thirsty

The Thirsty : Longing for a drop of water

Something is better than nothing

Something is better than nothing : The bird is aware of snatchers that may spoil a day’s effort

Birders often want to hear and see as many birds as they can, get a good look at them, and then move on to the next species down the route. In contrast, bird photographers often aim to get a clear shot of a specific bird as a representative of its species. Bird photography in the wild is difficult. It’s harder than other wildlife photography since birds can fly away after you set up the shot and are sometimes covered by branches, twigs, and vegetation or silhouetted against a bright sky.

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