Wings of Freedom


The most cutest and loving creatures in the world

Birds are the gift of nature on his mother Earth . They are the only creatures in this world which can fly without any boundaries and restrictions . Birds are the resemblance of freedom 

The Amazing World of Birds: A Look at Some of Their Wonders

The stunning beauty and distinctive qualities of the wonderful world of birds constantly amaze us. These amazing creatures have captivated the human mind for millennia. In this essay, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of birds and examine their various traits, evolutionary background, and the allure of bird photography.


Common Kingfisher : Kingfisher’s are said to be the king of fishing

The Mysterious World of Bird Beauty

Unquestionably, birds are among the most lovely and unusual creatures that inhabit our world. Their bodies are covered in feathers in an incredible variety of hues and patterns. In addition to adding to their magnificence, these feathers also act as a weatherproof barrier. On the other hand, their feet are covered in scales that display the complex patterns of nature.


Grey Jungle Fowl : One of the bird species from the family of Hen

Flying Through the Air

The ability of birds to fly is one of their most amazing features. Moreover, their finely crafted wings, often referred to as a divine gift from God, allow them to soar through the air. In fact, they are the only animals on Earth that are unconstrained by any physical boundaries.


Jungle Owlet : One of the bird with majestic vision

Aves: The Elegant Name

In the scientific community, birds are referred to as “Aves.” The three main subgroups of these extraordinary beings are the Tweet birds, Ducky birds, and the hawk-like birds. It’s interesting to notice that birds, a distinct and old class of creatures, had a shared ancestor with dinosaurs, which themselves descended from reptiles.


Golden Oriole : A partial migrant which depend on fruits and insects

The Diversity of Avian Life Around the World

Around the world, birds can be found in an astounding variety of environments. Birds have evolved to survive in a variety of situations, whether they are the dense rainforests of the Amazon rainforest, the cold expanses of the Arctic, or the metropolitan landscapes of our cities. Their capacity for adaptation demonstrates their tenacity and mastery of evolution.


Black-Hooded Oriole : Black-hooded oriole is very rare to see due to its body color

Astonishments with Warm Blood

The classification of birds as endothermic vertebrates distinguishes them from many other species. This indicates that they have a higher metabolism than their cold-blooded counterparts because they are warm-blooded organisms. In addition to being essential for their life, their capacity to control their body temperature contributes to their allure.


Black Drongo : Smallest bird in the Drongo family

Feathered Armour

Their lovely feathers don’t merely cover their body for cosmetic reasons. They are essential for protecting the birds from the weather, controlling body temperature, and facilitating flying. Each species of bird has distinctive feather patterns, hues, and modifications made to suit its individual needs.


Barn Swallow : It is mostly found in the open fam lands near water bodies

Bird photography: capturing the beauty of birds

The intriguing category of wildlife photography includes bird photography. Photographers use telephoto lenses to capture the magnificent and varied types of birds. Bird lovers and photographers set out on expeditions to capture these avian marvels in their natural settings, producing captivating visual stories.


Grey Hornbill : A Common bird of the Hornbill family commonly found in India


Red Whiskered Bulbul : Most commonly found in woodlands and shrubs

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Geevarghese Joseph , Pathanamthitta , Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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