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Wings of Wetlands


Go through the vibrant birdlife of Kerala’s wetlands! Witness the beauty of cormorants, purple swamphens, and more in the Wings of Wetlands.

Uncover the interesting bird species of Kerala’s wetlands. From the poised “Cormorant Pause” to the Fighter flying of “Boomerang Wings,”. Each image unfolds a story of nature’s beauty and unique beauty of these birds in their natural habitat. It’s showcasing the diverse Wings of Wetlands.

Cormorant pause of large cormorant

Cormorant Pause Cormorant pause on the wetland.

The “Cormorant Pause” focuses on a large cormorant in Kerala also known as the Indian shag. These birds live near the water in South Asia. It has blue eyes, a small head, and a long, narrow bill that ends in a hooked tip. This species is the beauty of the wetlands, making it a fascinating subject for bird photography and capturing the beauty of the “Wings of Wetlands”.

Sunlit swamphen standing on the field

Sunlit Swamphen Sunlit symphony, feathers shimmer and shine.

In a beautiful field a stunning bird from Kerala called Purple swamphen is soaking up the morning sun. The bird has purple and blue feathers that shine in the sunlight, and its beak is a bright red color. The green grass and calm water fill the surroundings. This photo captures the essence of bird photography in this scenic part of Kerala.

Red eye gliding of lawping

Red Eye Glider Lapwing soars through tropical skies.

Another mountain highlights the huge tea estates, with the morning mist turning the fields into a foggy refuge. Their chicks, with unique patterns, follow them closely. Capturing photos of these flying birds photo taken from Alappuzha adds to the collection of birds images showcasing their distinctive behaviors.

Boomerang wings of whiskered Tern

Boomerang Wings Whiskered tern’s fighter flight.

The “Boomerang Wings” is about the Whiskered Tern, often found in wetlands During breeding, it has a black crown, white cheeks, and a slightly forked tail. With brown eyes and red bills and legs, these birds are attractive subjects for bird photography in wetlands. Their unique features and behaviors make them a focus for capturing beautiful birds images from Kerala.

“Wings of Wetlands” showcase some avian tales of Alappuzha birds photography in Kerala. Each photograph captures the essence of diverse birds in the wetland. From the poised Cormorant to the watchful Drongo, the soaring Lapwing, and the elegant Whiskered Tern, these photographs of birds paint the beauty of Kerala’s wetlands.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Adarsh N S and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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