“Witch” – Crafted Colors


“Abstract photography is one of the trickiest forms in the field of photography where the photograph will contain one or more shapes, patterns and more which are not obvious and exact but the viewers assume that there is some hidden meaning contained in that shapes and patterns. There are various methods of capturing abstract photography. Photographs can be captured from nature as well as artificial that is man-made things such as splash. Colour splash, colours by using lubricants such as glycerine and more.”

Unity in Diversity: Ability to find uniformity despite all odds is necessary.
Towards Infinity: Moving aimlessly focussing on the goal which is just to move.

Colours play a major role in photography when it comes to colour splash in water forming different shapes when some are easily visible and some need more concentration to find them out where the photographs give a challenging task to the audience as well.

Greenish Roar: It takes an extra eye to find out the true meaning.
Shapeless Art: Versatility of art makes it the greatest of all passions.

One of the best way to use colour and ink splash photography with the high shutter speed which allows the photographer to capture the maximum frames per second according to the camera which he/she adopted or using which helps the photographer to capture every movement within the less duration.

Colour Splash: Descending of eternal beauty.
Yellow-Green: Hugcollaboration of two distinct features creates a rare beauty.
Undefined Thoughts: Shattering of ideas in the right proportion will always yield a product.

Photographs & text by Govind Raj.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Govind Raj. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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