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Women Lifestyle


People often judge you from how you look and what you wear. Thus, every woman pays a close attention to how she looks. They try different clothes and shoes and always curious about the latest trends.Today’s women lifestyle is highly expensive and luxurious.

In 19th century, an ideal woman was a woman who stayed in the home, cooked food, cleaned house, and took care of children. But today’s woman is not just a housekeeper. No more she spends whole her life within the four walls of the house. Like men, she too wears modern dresses, makes money and travels from one place to another.

Every woman has an innate desire to look beautiful and enhance her natural beauty. They experiment different makeups, cosmetics, clothes and shoes.Trends in market changes daily. Many try to keep themselves up to date with the prevailing trends in the market while some always try to dress in a unique way. Some women spend alot on expensive accessories like watches, hats, handbags etc.Accepting women’s perspectives, making an effort to find them, and elevating women’s status through education, knowledge, literacy, and training are just a few examples of how women’s empowerment may be described.

Lifestyle of the modern woman

Lavish your life: Lifestyle of the modern woman

The girlish choice

Popping pink: The girlish choice

Desires of life are to be filled

Classy Lifestyle : Desires of life are to be fulfilled

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