World Photography Day


World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August every year across the world. It is the day where the world pays tribute to the legendary inventors, who worked in the inventions of cameras and photography. It is a worldwide celebration of the science, history, art, and technology that made Photography possible for one and all.

Photographers from all over the globe to share one photo with a simple purpose – to share their world with others. Here is a look back at photography through the years.

Why is World Photography Day celebrated on 19th August?

August 19th is observed as the World Photography Day as this day marks the origin of photography invention in the history of Photography,

Research and historical proofs states that the first ever photographic process is the ‘Daguerreotype Process’. It was invented by the two Frenchmen named Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre during 1837-1839.  This development was officially announced by the French Academy of Sciences. In the year 1839 on the 19th day of August, the French government purchased the patent for this invention and declared it as ‘Free to the World’. This Daguerreotype photographic process  was a gift to the world that made photography possible to all without any copyright or obstructions.

Paying a tribute to this invention and remembering the particular day on which Photography became common to all; the whole world observes 19th August as the World Photography day.

Why do we celebrate World Photography Day?

Photography is a medium of communication  that doesn’t need any literal language. With whatever we see, or whatever we do, there is neither a day nor any moment that is complete without Photography. But, as it is said ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Photography was not that easy to be done by all. It took centuries and decades to built up Photography to be known and common to all.

Long back, Photography was only meant for scientists, and inventors. But, on 19th August 1839, the French Government made the Photographic process Daguerreotype process free to the world. Hence, Photography Day observed on 19th August every year, is a day to celebrate this gift. Indeed, it is also a day to encourage people around the world to pursue photography as a hobby as well as a strong professional career.

How to celebrate World Photography Day?

People around the globe follow different types of celebrations during the Photography Day. Its a big day for many of the photography organizations, photography associations, photography clubs, photography groups and for every individual photographers. No matter whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. If you love, enjoy and are passion about photography, then you won’t get back in celebrating the World Photography Day.

What to do on World photography day?

Celebrate this big day by capturing some of the best moments, people and places that you never had before. Unite the photography enthusiasts to come together and  celebrate the art of taking photographs, with other fellow photographers. Conduct Photography exhibitions to bring awareness of photography in the society as well as inspire the new generation to the vast field of photography.

World photography day can also be celebrated by conducting the photography contest, that indeed makes the aspiring photographers to come up with variant images. Most importantly, share the knowledge of photography to others free of cost, by conducting free workshops and seminars. Most significantly, it most be a genuine effort to make people understand ‘ What is Photography?

Apart from the above, this special day can be celebrated in various other ways. The main aim of the celebration remains the same. That is to share the knowledge of photography as an art, craft, science, history and technology to one and all.

What do you do on World photography day?

Every year, Creative hut institute of photography celebrates the World photography day with its students, staff and faculties. By organizing the photography exhibitions on this very day, institute was able to promote photography and bring awareness of photography to the young generation.

The very noted celebrations of Photography day, was the one organized in the Sabarmati Central Jail. The free photography workshop and exhibition was conducted for the prisoners to motivate them to a new life of photography.

The field of photography is a true combination of art, science and technology. The invention of camera, and photography process has brought an evolution in photography both as hobby and career. The eyes are struck on What is going to be the next?, the latest technology and innovation. But, the day when we all got the freedom to capture images and explore photography can not be forgotten. For the very simple question, ‘Which day is celebrated on 19th August?’. We have the humble answer for it. Its none other than the day known as World Photography Day.


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