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    2nd October 2014

    Creative Hut Institute of Photography launched “Fos Paixete”, the Photography Game on 2nd October 2014 created by a group of 14 members consisting the students and faculties of the institute. “Fos Paixete”, the first and biggest Photography Game is first of its kind in the world developed for the awareness of photography field in Game format. It is an element of information and logic, informative and easy to access. Fos Paixete” refers to a Photographic Board Game, size measuring 17.75 feet in length and 14 feet in breadth. The name of the game “Fos Paixete” means “Light Play” which derives from the words in Greek language, “Fos” and “Paixete” that means “Light” and “Play”, respectively. This is what the game is all about, to light ones knowledge about Photography through game.

    Unlike any other game, this game has two motives. First reason behind this game is to bring the awareness of photography and to promote it into this new generation. It will bring the awareness and knowledge of photography to anyone even to a new comer. Our second motive is to prepare a game where they can participate together and cultivate the habit of sharing, togetherness, activeness that has been lacking in today’s new generation. Through this game, we could actively involve them to play together using their skills, intelligence and knowledge. A thought to make education or learning in the most easiest, simplest and interesting form led us to design and attempt for this photography game. This unique photography board game is basically an informative as well as fun game, designed for a wide genre of people.

    The game “Fos Paixete” can be played by a group of maximum five players indoor as well as outdoor. Four of them are the players who are in the race to win while the fifth player is the controller. This game inhered in a rectangular playing board with several boxes from the start to the end of the game features few world famous photographers, various cameras, different lenses, etc… The players move their standees through these boxes as per their shuffled dice imprinted with 1 to 6 arithmetic numbers. Each player shuffles the dice by turn. The game begins when a player shuffles a dice & achieves the number 1. The game continues according the numbers in the shuffled dice & as per the instructions indicated in each box & card. Boxes indicate different information according to which the game continues.

    The game is entangled by few restrictions, like, if a player goes bankrupt in the mid of the play, then he/she is immediately dismissed/ disqualified from the game but can continue if he / she has enough equipments or materials. The instructions and rules on how to play the game are given along with the game. The fifth player who is a controller has complete control on the game. The objective of the game is that a player has to accrue sufficient cash to buy the most expensive camera at the end worth Rupees two lakh. One of the key strategies is to complete the game before the other players through a sequential manner, without being terminated from the game and thus the 1st player to acquire this is declared the winner. Thereafter the game can be still continued with the remaining players competing for the 2nd and 3rd positions.

    One of the defining features of the 17.75 x 14 feet, first and biggest photography Game is its genuine aim to use complete photography terms using traditional board game method such as using rolling dices, moving standees or figures, playing informative cards, playing money and playing it wisely. The smaller size of this game is equally available in the institute and is ready to be used. Thus, “Fos Paixete” is an interesting informative strategic game that can be used as a learning tool for educating students in various photographic schools and institutes, as well as for non-photographic students. Our mission to change the world of photography has got new heights through this unique game called Fos Paixete. This contribution and invention was approved by various organizations and was awarded as the World’s first and biggest photography board game.

    Researching on various aspects of photography, the team members of this game believe that they had a team of talented, determined and hard working members which was driven by their ever encouraging guru Abin Alex. The invention was researched, concept developed and prepared by total 14 members consisting of Creative Hut Faculties Abin Alex, Anu Abin Alex and students Afsal, Ajindas, Arka, Ashish, Basil, Jaijith, Jithu, Jayram, Manikandan, Nithin, Rashid, Shameel. It is the joint effort of these 14 members who researched on the concept for more than two months at Creative Hut Institute of Photography. The team of this research and concept of the first and biggest photography game is certain that it is first of its kind and would definitely increase the understanding of photography among the people whether it’s a child or any adult.


    We won two different prizes for our unique idea for contributing to photography. We're really proud that so many of our students and faculty have worked hard to achieve their results being practical.

    India book of recordd

    for First Photography Game

    Limca Book of Records

    for First Photography Game

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